Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Sparkle & Shapes Coming Soon!

Where did the time go? I've seriously neglected this blog, but I have been making jewelry like a mad scientists!  So many pieces flying off the shelf in my bricks-n-mortar jewelry boutique in Seattle, that I haven't had a chance to photograph!  Do stay tuned for updates on my newest, and (wow) my work has taken some new, improved twists-n-turns in both design, gemstone quality and precision!

Pics soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arking Angles

I love hammering all sides of a fine silver components, and lately find myself "arking" the final shape, especially if they are designed for earrings.  Certainly earrings have a "front" but in reality when worn, they can be seen from all sides.  By hammering all edges (front, back, inside, outside) I create a 3D work of the wire, so my customers will sparkle and dazzle from all angles. Here's a look at a few recent Arked creations, available on my Etsy page (at the time of this writing).  Thank you for looking!
Dappled Dome Fine Silver Pendant. I achieved this effect by fully oxidizing the piece, then gently sanding away most of the black to reveal a dappled effect.
Reverse side, hammered, scratched and oxidized.
Gently arked triangle hoops with Peridot.
Double dangle arked tear drop with domed hoop.
This photo beautifully shows the 3-D effect.
One of my most popular designs from the Sweet-n-Simple series. 
This picture helps show the various edges I create on the round wire.

These earrings are quite large, about 3 inches, and they ark and swing on the ear.
One of my favorites: the Arked Lemon Drop earrings made from super heavy gauge fine silver.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Heavy Ideas Light Inspirations Connected by Fire

As I sketch my newest designs, I'm craving heavier wire--guages as thick as 8 and 10--to fire and build my shapes and components. My finishes & hammer taps are getting rougher, more organic less patterned...meant to help the wire capture the full spectrum of light. Weight, Light, Fire.  These are the guides for my newest collection. Here are a few new pieces, all available on Etsy, with many more in production.  I love making jewelry. I must make jewelry. I am grateful when time stops, so that I can make jewelry. Thank you for coming along for the ride. --Angela
Moonstones on heavy circles chain within 10g fine silver hoops.
Moonstones on heavy circles chain within 10g fine silver hoops.
Amethyst wrapped heavy guage fused fine silver tear drop.
SOLD #2--This popular design is a custom order, made upon request.  I have already sold three clones, each a little different but all extra long triple hoop hammered fine silver (6 inches long).  I'm so thrilled people are repsonding to such a long and daring look.
Drop within a Drop pendant.
Mixed metals (copper, fine and sterling silver) triple horseshoe earrings.
SOLD-Heavy guage hammered dial pendant.
SOLD-sterling silver half-hoops with chain drapery.
Heavy gauge long drops on small hoops and hand made earwires.
Lemon drops!  These organic marquis shaped hoops are made from 10G fine silver,
hammered and tumbled to a mirror finish.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Top Sellers of 2013

My heart is a flutter!  My 2013 Holiday Collection was met with rave reviews this gift giving season and these lovely pieces all found homes!  My new 2014 collection is now in productions with many new shapes and popular ones forthcoming.
Hammered Fine Silver, SOLD.  These earrings were featured in the
December 2013 issue of Snohomish Magazine (made me so proud!!)
Fine silver and raw natural Sapphire, SOLD.
Huge Horsehoe, hammered sterling silver, SOLD.

3-D Hammered fine silver with natural raw sapphire, SOLD
Double marquis blackened & bright fused fine silver earrings, SOLD.
Ultra ultra long triple fine silver hoops, SOLD!  These were my top pic for Holiday.  The woman who purchased them is a gorgeous tall African-American beauty named Aviva!   She totally pulled these shoulder dusters off like a Goddess, and I am encouraged to produce more variations of this daring earring in my new collection...Stay tuned!
Each hoop has a different hammered design. They are interconnected with blackend sterling rings and measure 5 inches long!  A similar pair on my Etsy, $56.
Huge Hammered sterling silver hoops, SOLD.

Heavy guage forge fine silver "Loops-on-Hoops" drop earrings SOLD
(one similar is still available on my Etsy Page).
Hammered Fine Silver Hoop w/Titanium-coated black pyrite SOLD (a second one is still available).

Happy New Year!  I can custom make any of the lovelies shown here, or check out my Etsy Page for my current peices for sale.  My 2014 collection is scheduled to go online on Feb. 1st (just in time for V-Day!!!)

~Profitez de votre Vie Visuelle!  (Enjoy your visual life :-)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to VieVisuèlle Designs

Handforged, Handpolished, Handmade
Jewelry for your Visual Life

Stop by my new blog for updates on my jewlery business, talks on gemstone addictions and musings on making things by hand.  Please comment and join in!