Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arking Angles

I love hammering all sides of a fine silver components, and lately find myself "arking" the final shape, especially if they are designed for earrings.  Certainly earrings have a "front" but in reality when worn, they can be seen from all sides.  By hammering all edges (front, back, inside, outside) I create a 3D work of the wire, so my customers will sparkle and dazzle from all angles. Here's a look at a few recent Arked creations, available on my Etsy page (at the time of this writing).  Thank you for looking!
Dappled Dome Fine Silver Pendant. I achieved this effect by fully oxidizing the piece, then gently sanding away most of the black to reveal a dappled effect.
Reverse side, hammered, scratched and oxidized.
Gently arked triangle hoops with Peridot.
Double dangle arked tear drop with domed hoop.
This photo beautifully shows the 3-D effect.
One of my most popular designs from the Sweet-n-Simple series. 
This picture helps show the various edges I create on the round wire.

These earrings are quite large, about 3 inches, and they ark and swing on the ear.
One of my favorites: the Arked Lemon Drop earrings made from super heavy gauge fine silver.